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Subject 主题:2015 Mid Autumn Festival Party
Time 时间:2015-09-27 16:00:00 To至 2015-09-27 20:00:00
Location 地点:4205 Williams Ave N Renton, WA 98056
Summary 小结:SCNIC organized 2015 Mid Autumn Festival Community Party.
Fees 费用:$0
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Subject 主题:2015 welcome ceremony for Chinese president Xi Jinping
Time 时间:2015-09-22 09:30:00 To至 2015-09-22 13:00:00
Location 地点:17801 international Blvd,Seattle,WA 98158
Summary 小结:SCNIC organized the welcome ceremony for Chinese president Xi Jinping at Seattle Tacoma International Airport.
Fees 费用:$0
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Subject 主题:2015 Independence Day Community Party
Time 时间:2015-07-04 10:00:00 To至 2015-07-04 19:00:00
Location 地点:4400 Lake Washington Blvd SE Bellevue, WA 98004
Summary 小结:SCNIC organized 2015 Independence Day Community Party.
Fees 费用:$18
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Subject 主题:2015 mountain climbing and tulips visiting
Time 时间:2015-04-12 08:00:00 To至 2015-04-12 16:30:00
Location 地点:41020 Washington SR 20, Oak Harbor, WA 98277
Summary 小结:SCNIC organized a one day field trip to the Deception Pass Park and tulips farm.
Fees 费用:$0
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Subject 主题:2015 SCNIC Spring Festival Party
Time 时间:2015-02-18 11:00:00 To至 2015-02-18 16:00:00
Location 地点:Barbee Mill Beach Clubhouse 4205 William Ave N, Renton, WA 98056
Summary 小结:SCNIC organized 2015 Community Spring Festival Party, which people can enjoy BBQ,dumplings, and watch magic show.
Fees 费用:$0
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